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  1. My Android Rzr was updated to the new IceCreamSandwhich software (4.0) and I can’t find where to debug my phone. It’s not under Apps in my Settings. Help?!

    • You will need to go under Menu > Settings > Developer options. it looks like I will need another instruction set for ICS. Thanks for pointing it out!

      Are you on a PC running windows? You can unzip the file to your desktop, set your phone into debugging mode, plug it in via USB, and then you should be able to simply click the file. Can you tell me what happens when you try to open it? Is it saved as a .bat ?

      • “Windows cannot find ‘.\lib\adb.exe’.Make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again” How to solve this? :/

        • Era,
          Have you extracted all files to your desktop or only the .bat? It will need to read from the lib folder. Let me know what happens. Thank you!

          • I’m having the same problem Era is (or was). Your reply was a little unclear to me, please elborate. I’m not sure what to run from the lib folder or how to extract all files to my desktop. The file I downloaded from you is currently sitting on my desktop. Help please.

            • Tricia,
              You will need to “right click” on the windows.zip and extract or unzip the contents. from there you will run through my instructions. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!

        • Vic,
          When i say run it means to click on or execute the file. run.bat is a batch file that needs to be run if your phone is not rooted. it is an unfortunate step but the Android OS(most) restricts screenshot ability so it is necessary

  2. Yes i Downloaded The App Files But It wont Let me transferr It To My Phone Even Though i Followed Step By Step With The Usb Cord

    • You will not need to transfer the .bat file to your phone. Unzip the .bat to your desktop. Make sure your phone is set to “debugging” mode, connect your phone to your pc, then double click on the .bat on your computers desktop. This will run the .bat

      Please let me know if you have any more problems

  3. I have the droid incredible 4 and i have no idea how to do this…will you please show or tell me?

    • Bailey,
      I’m going to assume you have a PC with windows on it. If you don’t or you have any other questions you can send me an email at conditiondeltaapps@gmail.com

      1 – download the windows.zip file on the right hand side of this screen
      2 – Set your phone into debugging mode. The instructions are above.
      3. Unzip the windows.zip file to your PC’s desktop
      4. connect your phone via the USB cable that you received when you got your device.
      5. Double click on the RUN.BAT file that is on your desktop.

      It should run quickly through a process and tell you that it was successful. From here you disconnect and the app is ready to use. If you have any problems doing this or more questions please send me an email or respond here and I will do what I can to help. Thank you

  4. I have been waiting awhile it says daemon successfully started and hasn’t moved passed that. Do you know how long it should take.

    • Aleida,
      You’re finished =) After it started successfully you can unplug your phone from your PC and starts using the app.

      • So I exited out and unplugged my phone and restarted it, and the app still says that I have to download the batch file?

        • Aleida,
          When your phone is restarted it wipes out the permissions. The .bat is only able to grant permissions to take screenshots up until the phone is restarted.

  5. i have followed all the steps necessary in downloading this app but once i try to run the .bat file, it stops after “daemon started successfully”. why is this? is this cause of the computer im using or should i try to download the other file?

    • Adriona,
      Has your phone been set to de-bugging?

      I think I misread your comment and you are having the same issue. If both of your phones have already been set to de-bugging please let me know and I will be looking into this.

      When you’re connected via USB does your device give you the option to select “charge only” it will be in the notification area. You may need to pull down the status bar. if so, select charge only.


  6. my phone was set to the de-bug mode but while i had my usb connected i connected it as a disk drive instead of charge only.

    • Adriona,
      Thanks for the update. Is it working for you now? I’ll be updating my instructions. It looks like some phones do not go into charge only when put in de-bugging.

      Thank you!

      • no it have been downloading for about 20 mins. it won’t go pass daemon started successfully

  7. Adriona,
    I am not sure what could be causing that. Can you close out the window(the batch file process) disconnect your phone and then reconnect and try again? If you have not closed out the process that may be the problem.

  8. it keep saying windows cannot find ‘./lib/adb.exe’. makesure you typed the name correctly and try again..what to do to solve that problem??

    • I have updated the windows.zip file. Please delete the current files and try again. If you experience the same problem your computer may have some issues.

    • I have updated the windows.zip file. Please uninstall and re-install the new versions. If you experience the same problem please let me know so I can do some more trouble shooting

    • It should say it in the status bar if it is required by your device. If you “pull down” the top bar on your phone you should see it there

  9. i downloaded the files unzipped and everything. Debugging is on and its set to charge only but whenever i click the run bat i just get a message that says waiting for device to be connected. and i have a htc evo shift if that helps any thanks.

    • Is anything else connected via USB to your computer? So you set it to debugging, connected your phone, set it to charge only, then ran the .bat in this order correct? Sorry these questions may seem obvious but I need to make sure this was all done before I can narrow down what may be causing this.

          • Justin,
            You can try this
            The Solution

            First of all, we need to find the old instance of adb.exe that interferes with Android SDK. This can be done by opening Task Manager, finding adb.exe there and selecting “Properties”. Do not forget to connect your phone to USB before doing that.

            A trivial solution then would be to delete/rename the adb.exe used by HTC Sync. However, this would break HTC Sync.

            Another one is to kill or suspend htcUPCTLoader.exe for the time you are debugging your app. This will prevent it from interfering with the adb.exe from the Android SDK.


  10. Once it says ‘service started succesfully’, is it complete? If so, the app is still not working on my phone.

  11. my computer is having troubles with ”run.bat”. if I click on that file, it will always come a notification that the” windows can not find ‘. \ lib \ adb.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly. and then try again”. What does it mean? please answer soon. Thank you so much :)

    • Can you check in the lib folder and make sure the adb.exe file is in there. Lib was part of the zip that you downloaded.

  12. I’m also stuck at “daemon started successfully”.

    I’m in debug mode and there is no “charge only” option on the Pantech Burst that I can find.

  13. I went through the whole process but at first all the pics were black. Now nothing… =( what am I doing wrong. Working on a rooted HTC Inspire 4g. Thanks.

    • If your phone is rooted you will now need to download and run the .bat. Does the app take a screenshot and then nothing happens? Can you walk me through exactly what it does? Thank you!

  14. I have followed your web instructions perfectly. I have a Samsung Galaxy S III with icecream sandwich and everytime I successfully run the “run.bat” program and try to make it work, it says “device has not been rooted. You need to connect . . . ” and download that bat file.

    I’d love to use this awesome program if you can help me.

    • The .bat runs through the entire process while your phone is connected? It should definitely work if it completes the process. You’re not restarting your phone immediately after you run the .bat are you? Please let me know and I will do what I can to help.

      • sorry to say, but after following your instructions exactly, and having it say “service started correctly” with the phone still working, and not restarted, it doesn’t work. If i click on your icon, it brings up the message to say your phone needed to be rooted. and it doesn’t work at all. if I shake my phone according to the settings, or simply ask for the camera icon — none of them work. It has even attempted screen shots that come up with nothing, then says my phone is not rooted.

        • Sorry to hear. We will be running some testing on an SIII to try to resolve this issue. I’m in Afghanistan so my options are limited at the moment. I hope to have it tested soon to narrow down the cause.

  15. Its Stuck At ” Waiting For Device To Be Connected ” And My Phone Is Connected . What Do I Do ?

    • Did you set you phone to de-bugging prior to connecting your device? Is anything else connected to your PC?

  16. I have an htc inspire, and whenevr i download the windows or whatever , my little black screen never gets past “daemon started sucessfully” i changed it to charge only, and it still doesnt work. could it be my phone?

    • Bree,
      Have you extracted all of the files to your desktop? Are you working on a windows PC? The phones has been set to debugging, correct?

      • Yes i have extracted all the files to my desktop and yes i am.
        And yes, i set it to debugging before i started. I restarted my phone, and im about to try it again.

  17. I’m also stuck at “daemon started successfully”.I’m in debug mode and “charge only” mode.

  18. im stuck in the “Deamon started successfully” part…. what do i do? i changed it to “charge only” but its not doing a thing…. HELP!

  19. Hi, i noticed people having the some problem as me. Ive been trying to get this to work and i have followed all the rules perfectly, and it still gets no further than “daemon started succesfully”
    Does it matter that i am trying to do this on my toshiba laptop?!
    Just curious. I would love to try this app out if i could get it to work.

  20. please email me , idont see the .bat file or maybe im slow but how do ypu extract files? im so lost on that part. please and thank you

  21. Hi .. I just wanna ask if this thing will affect my phone warranty or something if I do this step?
    And do you think this thing will work on my phone?
    because I already try a lot of screenshot because I really want to have one on my phone ..
    But unfortunately all apps required ROOTED phone ;(
    Btw. My phone is PANTECH BREAKOUT :D tnx in advance!

    • Kj,
      No, it will not affect your warranty. I am not familiar with your phone but if it has an SD it should work. Give it a try and if you have any questions please ask.


  22. I have two android tablets, one has Android 4..0.1 Ice-cream sandwich.
    The other Android 4.0.1 just says Ice-cream. How do I know if they are rooted?

    Once the batch file has been installed, do I need to attach to my computer each time I want
    to do a screen capture? Do I need to down load the installer to my computer for each device
    or just run it again for the next one.

    Or can the batch file be linked from one of the main screens? When I’m in another app that
    shows the data that I want to capture is the capture button available ?

    I can’t carry my laptop Windows 7 64 bit computer around with me!

    Please let me know the answers to these questions so that I may determine it I want to purchase copies of this app.

    • You will need to run it anytime the device is restarted. You will only need 1 copy of the batch file.

      Yes, you can use it within other apps. Try the trial out and see if it is what you are looking for.

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